Meet John Davis

This week, I’d like to introduce John Davis, pulp science fiction author of the Gunship series, the Fleet series and many other stories. If you’re a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Firefly, or pulp sci-fi in general, you’ll love his books.

Adam wants anything but a normal life. As captain of the Gunship, he and a crew of unique characters do what they have to in order to survive. But with a war between planets looming, the only decent paying job could be the job that kills him.

John Macallen Davis is the author of over 30 published stories, and has picked up a readership because of his pulp influence on science fiction. Prior to writing full-time, he worked for a satellite company that everyone hates while studying physical fitness in college. Continue reading “Meet John Davis”

Meet Anne Wheeler

This week I’d like to introduce a friend of mine, Anne Wheeler. She’s the author of Forever’s End, an Asrian Skies short story and the upcoming novel Asrian Skies.

Katryn Holt scarcely remembers what life at the research station on Iythea was like before the Haederans arrived—but she can’t forget what life is like now. Between the forced labor and nights spent dreaming of a home she’ll never see again, quick glimpses of her sometimes lover Kaz are the only bright spot.

But now Kaz is dying, and the thing he wants most is the one thing Katryn can’t give him…freedom. Continue reading “Meet Anne Wheeler”

A hidden message in Monsters University

If you know me, then you know I’m slightly obssessed with Pixar. Their movies, their storytelling techniques, their support of young talent, pretty much everything about the studio. But don’t worry, this post isn’t going to be a big fangirl fest. (Though I could fill up several posts.)

Of the many things they are excellent at, overlapping story arcs is a big one. It’s most obvious in their ability to tell stories that appeal to both children and adults. It’s evident in every single one of their movies, including Monsters University, the sequel to Monsters Inc. Continue reading “A hidden message in Monsters University”

Meet Paul Saylor

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting here as often lately. The end of summer is always crazy and hectic, but I’ll hopefully be able to bump up productivity soon.

In the meantime, here’s another author interview. Paul Saylor is the author of The Road To Gatlen series and Resurrected, the first book in the Advanced Knights Templars series.

Her mother dead, Addylyn Yago spent her entire life in the village of Yvryt bearing all the responsibilities of her family. Her brother Tymy has the Sickness, an incurable and debilitating disease, and must take daily medicine just to stay alive. Now her father has fallen victim to a fatal illness as well, one that no medicine can seem to stop. Addylyn is summoned by her dying father. He gives her an Artifact of the Ancestors and tells her to travel to the distant and fabled city of Gatlen. There, she will be provided with a means to cure Tymy. But it will be a long and perilous journey, filled with dangers unknown. At the same time, suitors promise her a safe and comfortable means for the rest of her life. With the town rulers mounting pressure to seize the Yago property, Addylyn is torn between keeping her brother alive and risking it all on…. The Road To Gatlen. Continue reading “Meet Paul Saylor”