10 Things I Should Be Doing Instead Of Reading

As appealing as being stranded on an island with nothing but books is, there are some non-reading activities that simply can’t be ignored. Well, at least not for long. Like, as long as it takes me to read another chapter?

1. Clean the house

It looks like a bunch of cows tromped through here and the pile of laundry is beginning to rival my TBR mountain. Maybe if I hide a book under it, it’ll motivate me to fold it all?

2. Eat something

Why do I always get hungry when I have three pages left? Seriously! It’s like my stomach has synchronized its schedule with my reading habits. I guess this is why finger food was invented.

3. Finish that overdue assignment

I really should have finished it before starting a new book. But it’s a pretty short book. Well, sort of short. Maybe if I read really fast I’ll have enough time to finish the assignment too.

Challenge accepted!

4. Go to the store

I know we’re getting low on just about everything. But going to the store means getting dressed, and being out in public. I might have to actually talk to someone!

Now I need to read to overcome the shock of such a terrifying idea. Bummer.

5. Finish knitting my friend’s baby blanket

Seriously. I’m going to have to give it to her next kid since the first one is in kindergarten now.

But I just got to a really good part! I’ll get to the blanket after I find out what happens next.


6. Exercise

I’m in such terrible shape. I can’t even make it up the stairs without panting. Maybe if I leave a book on the top step?

7. Catch up on my emails

I’ve been trying to ignore that angry red number in the corner. Who knew numbers could be so judgmental? I mean, most of them are probably spam anyway, right? Right! Okay, back to reading.

8. Bake the cupcakes for my sister’s birthday

Bake cute cupcakes, or read a book? Cupcakes, or book? Cupcakes, book?

If I bake them now I might end up eating them all before we leave. I can’t let that happen. Book it is!

9. Pack for the family camping trip

Aw man, I guess I’ll have to leave my … Wait. Who goes camping without books? Isn’t that a rule or something? Sweet! I’ll start packing … as soon as I finish this page.

10. Go to sleep already!

Just one more chapter.

Okay, one more page.

It’s 2 am?! Yikes! I’ll put it down after this paragraph.

Wait, is that my alarm clock?

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Should Be Doing Instead Of Reading

  1. I smiled the entire time I read your post. I definitely identify with your “10 Things I Should Be Doing” instead of reading. I can always procrastinate with just one more chapter, and then one more. I love the idea of motivating myself by putting a book under the pile of laundry to fold. For me, it’s also piles of junk mail (at least I sort out the bills first) and even taller piles of research and rough drafts that continue to surround me. Oh well, maybe I’ll get to it after I finish this next book. Loved your post!, .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I can come up with some pretty wild excuses to justify reading just a little more. I’m getting better at resisting the temptation, but sometimes all you want to do is dive back into the world you left on the nightstand. I haven’t tried the hiding the book under the laundry trick yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes if I do!


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