Meet Holden Sheppard

First I’d like to apologize for my absence last week. I decided to take an internet break for the holiday, but forgot to let everyone here know beforehand. I’ll try to do better about that in the future and hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving enjoyed your holiday. And now to the next interview!


This week I’d like to introduce you to Holden Sheppard, the author of several deep, thought-provoking YA short stories, including The Black Flower, and the upcoming novel Invisible Boys.

The Black Flower - COVER

Nick’s a binge-drinking redneck; Ashlea’s a wild party girl. It’s a perfect match – until it isn’t. When tragedy strikes, Ashlea grows up fast. But Nick can’t escape the booze – or the ghosts of his childhood.

With Nick out of control, Ashlea delivers an ultimatum – with deadly consequences. Continue reading “Meet Holden Sheppard”

Meet Sean R Frazier

This week I’d like you to meet the hilarious Sean R Frazier, author of The Call of Chaos and The Coming Storm, the first two books in the fantasy series, The Forgotten Years.

The Realm has been torn asunder. With the forces of Chaos having overrun the land, besieging cities and infesting them, Cor’il and his friends know the truth—that history has been a lie, that balance must be restored, and that it will all get worse before it gets better.

Magic has returned to the Realm, and not just for the Threadweaver to command. Threadspinners of every variety have emerged, using magic with neither skill nor knowledge, and adding to the chaos. Meanwhile, the Red Swords hunt all magic-users, determined to scour them from existence.

Can Cor’il and his friends restore balance before the Realm erupts in strife and destruction? And, if so, what happens from there? Continue reading “Meet Sean R Frazier”


I recently took part in a fun game on Twitter called #WriteWars.

How it works is the organizer, Sam Baker @SamBakerWrites, has sorted the contributing writers into three different groups (Yellow Faction, Blue Faction, and Green Faction). On predetermined weekends she gives us a prompt with which to build a story.  For the next two days each group writes their own story on Twitter. At the end, whichever story is shown to be the most popular wins that individual battle. When the last battle is over in December, all the wins will be tallied and the #WriteWars champion crowned. Continue reading “#WriteWars”

Meet Melanie Thurlow

This week I’d like you to meet my good friend Melanie Thurlow, author of regency romance Rose By Another Name, the first book of The Blythe Series.

Her marriage has been arranged since her infancy…

Her worth decided over a game of cards, Lady Rosalyn Hayes has accepted her future. She will marry a duke she doesn’t know to protect her sisters’ reputations. But when a year of preparation for her debut vanishes in the blink of an eye, Rose flees her gilded cage in search of unrestrained adventure.

Lord Robert Phillip Clarence, Duke of Brighton, lives a life of debauchery far from his country estate, and even farther from the lady he must marry in order to restore his family’s ancestral lands. But when he is summoned home to meet his future wife, he realizes he hasn’t lived at all. 

Rose and Robert do not meet when their eyes lock across a ballroom swathed in candlelight. They do not meet amid fine clothes, genteel manners, debonair charm, and chaperones. They meet, alone, upon Rose’s near death. It is this near-death experience that catapults the two nobles, disguised as servants, towards a romance that seems destined for failure.

They think they know each other. But when their true identities are revealed at a house party, will they live happily ever after or will the ton be shocked to see a lady run? Continue reading “Meet Melanie Thurlow”

Meet Paul E. Petty

This week I’d like you to meet Paul E. Petty, author of The Legacy Is Born, the first book in the Shadows Of Light  series.

Edgar Freeman never thought that turning 15 would cause an ancient seal to break, making unnatural powers emerge from within. After a series of accidental events, he learns that he was sent a thousand years through time to be hidden from an evil king. And as if he wasn’t already busy enough struggling to fit in with school bullies, he discovers a lost prophecy that he must play a role in. As Edgar and his friends find the surrounding darkness closer than they think, they must stand together and destroy the one named Henry before they are all overwhelmed. Continue reading “Meet Paul E. Petty”