Make way for the pixie alter-ego

I’ve kept my mouth shut for over a year, let Moos run this ship however she wanted, but it’s clear now she’s a lost cause. So many doomed ideas. So many failed posts. It’s a miracle she’s keeping up with the interviews. I told her to keep things simple, warned her not to get in over her head, but does she listen to me? Nope.

So I, Ivy, her pixie muse, her alter-ego, whatever you want to call me, am taking this blog into my own hands, tiny though they may be.I suppose you’d like to know what I look like? Well, too bad. Moos doesn’t even know what I look like, so you’re gonna have to come up with your own image.

Unless you’re picturing Cupid.


Just don’t.

This week has been the usual roller coaster for Moos, but get this. She’s trying out that old customizable planner she’s had lying around for ages again. I love how every time she pulls it out she has to tear out the two weeks she used from the year before and erase all the dates she put in after that. If that isn’t the picture of denial, I don’t know what is. But she promised me she’s actually going to use it. For the rest of the year. I’m totally not rolling my eyes.

Reading has picked up a bit, though most of them have been books she’s read before. Like she didn’t just get three brand new books last week. She finished rereading The Paper Magician trilogy last week to prepare for Charlie N. Holmberg’s latest novel, The Plastic Magician, coming out May 15. And she’s been catching up on all her beta reading, which I can’t be grumpy about as she did promise. But if her not reading her new books isn’t annoying enough, she’s been spending the whole time berating herself for reading instead of writing.

Speaking of writing, she likes to complain that she doesn’t have enough time for it, but what she means is she’s not willing to tell people no in order to get the writing done. It’s like she thinks they’re gonna come at her with pitchforks and torches if she’s not there for everyone all the time. I wish she could see her own face when someone asks her to do something when she’s at the end of her rope. Like it’s never occurred to her to just tell people no.

But then she does come through for people and the fulfillment she gets overwhelms all my warnings. Like the new TurtleWriters post she wrote this week. She’s been exhausted, but when she finally got that post finished and sent it out, she felt so good about that work, I couldn’t ruin it by reminding her she still has a book to finish.

All in all, it’s been a dragging week. Just trying to keep her head above water. Watching her, coaching her, I’ve been reminded several times of Alanna in Alanna: The First Adventure. Every boy there had to simply do what they could and take the punishment for where they fell short without complaint. I’m hoping one of these days she’ll be able to take a step back and see just how much she’s actually accomplishing instead of just where she’s falling short.

She tells all the turtlewriters over and over to celebrate every word, to focus on what they can do and not worry about what they can’t control, but she can’t seem to put those words into action herself. She’s always telling people that worrying and getting frustrated never helps, but then I see her getting more and more frustrated. Just goes to show that giving advice is so much easier than putting it into practice.

Anyway, she just grabbed her phone in a death grip, grumbling that if she hears another repeated Arm & Hammer ad on Spotify she’s going to chuck it across the room, so it looks like break time is over for me. I’ll be back next weekend and hopefully have a more positive update for y’all.

Ivy out.

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