Ivy driving the train, as usual

(For anyone unfamiliar with Ivy, here’s her introduction and an explanation of these posts.)

Well, mortals, this week has been another roller coaster, but we’re on our way up, so Moos is feeling good about it right now.

While she scraped out more writing time than last week, her characters were being whiny. Tough things had to happen and they were digging in their heels, so I sat them down and gave them a pep talk. They’re cooperating much better now thanks to me and her fabulous Critique Partner (Krystle at betweenworldswriting.wordpress.com). Seriously, without all you wonderful writers out there in the Twitter world, Moos would be a train wreck and I’d be hanging on for dear life. Many thanks from the pixie muse.

Moos also had an epiphany this week! Granted it’s an epiphany I had a long time ago, but she gets a pat on the back anyway.

She finally realized that successful authors aren’t really defined by how many books they’ve sold, or their fantastic reviews, or even how much money they make. Successful authors are defined by their ability to overcome failure. Because every writer has suffered failure at one point or another. The successful authors are the ones who got back up and kept fighting.

So now that she’s finally internalized this (I mean, she’s said it to others enough times 🙄) I’m hoping it will free her mind to just keep on writing and not worry about the risks each new opportunity comes with.

As for her novel, I’ve got high hopes that this draft will be the final rewrite. Once this draft is done, she’ll only have polishing edits left. But don’t remind her she still has a query and synopsis to write. She watched Pitchapalooza with The Book Doctors earlier this week and stressed for at least an hour about how awful her pitch is.

Anyway, the littlest monster is finally napping so Moos is diving into the awesome plot fixes Krystle helped her figure out.

This is where I leaf you. Ivy out.

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