Moos drew Ivy and Ivy’s not happy about it

(For anyone unfamiliar with Ivy, here’s her introduction and an explanation of these posts.)

First of all, I was supposed to update y’all a while ago, but a few things happened that prevented it. Better get comfortable, this is gonna be a long one.

For one thing, being a mom is no joke. It’s one giant mess of stress, exhaustion, and endless cleaning. Don’t even get me started on all the crying. And I’m not talking about the kids.And how about the complete lack of respect for personal space! That writing chair is sacred ground kiddies! How is Moos supposed to write with you monsters climbing all over her?

But then the little tyrants get all cute and snuggley and Moos closes her eyes with a big grin and completely ignores my warnings about their sneaky tactics. Those buggers know exactly what they’re doing when they bring out the babydoll eyes and the adorable giggles. It’s all a big con! Boss Baby isn’t a comedy, it’s a documentary.

Anyway, those little monsters have kept her busy the last few weeks. Well, that and one other thing.

Last week Moos managed to sketch me when I wasn’t paying attention (I’m telling you, those kids make it impossible to focus). And now she’s insisting I share it with all of you.

I refused. I have to maintain a sense of mystery. A sense of immeasurable doom. A sense of …

Wait! What?! How did she?!

*deep breath*

Okay fine. Now you all know what I look like. Don’t let it go to your heads. I can still sass the pants off any one of you.

But that’s not the worst of it. She showed this horrendous likeness to some of her friends last week and the glowing praise she received kick started a whole new sketching hobby! I tried to stop her, tried to talk some sense back into her, but the praise was just too glowing. Now she’s got a new sketchbook she hauls around everywhere and she keeps sketching her friends’ characters. She always practicing and one guess as to what she does now when she gets stuck on the priority one WIP?

Yup. Sketching. If I could just get those blasted matches to work, I’d burn it up.

I mean, has she completely forgotten the titan of terror who still isn’t potty trained? Or the book she still needs to finish writing? She does not have time to be goofing off with all this drawing nonsense! I don’t care how good she is.

So now she’s got way more hobbies and responsibilities (I wasn’t kidding about the potty training either) than she could possibly hope to manage all at once. But that ridiculous quote from Mulan keeps rolling through her head.

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

Apparently she thinks this means she has to create the adversity or something. Beauty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, honey! Now get your butt back to work!

Too much rain for this snapdragon parade. Ivy out.

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