Ivy didn’t sign up for the circus

(For anyone unfamiliar with Ivy, here’s her introduction and an explanation of these posts.)

This week Moos seemed to have mistaken me for a circus performer. Balancing acts, juggling, taming the titan of terror. I’m a pixie! Not a juggler!

Here’s the run down:

Potty training (eew), reading (inspiring, so I can’t complain), a new movie (I’d like to complain, but it was really good), and a possible new venture (BAD BAD BAD … maybe?).

But before I get into all that, there’s a little something Moos forgot to mention. A few weeks ago she was invited to be a guest with some other authors on a new literary podcast called Coffee, Books, Repeat. Naturally Moos completely forgot to promote it here. But that could be because Moos still hasn’t been able to listen to it past the point where she starts talking. That girl has serious issues. I mean, she hears her own voice in her head all day (mine too, I guess), but she can’t listen to it recorded? And she used to sing on stage!

Way to go, grasshopper. *cue one handed clap*

Anyway, for this particular episode they all discussed writing rules and why they’re annoying, but sometimes necessary. You can find it on YouTube and iTunes and a few other outlets I can’t remember right now. Go check it out and tell Moos she doesn’t sound or look like an idiot. She won’t listen to me anymore.

Now for this week’s juggling.

Potty training. Yeah, I’m gonna skip all that. No one wants to know.

Reading. Moos finally got around to reading Susan Dennard’s latest Witchlands book, Sightwitch. Not only did it massively relieve her stress, but as is usually the case when she reads for fun, she found a lot of inspiration for her own WIP too! While it is a fabulous book and worth checking out, I’m mostly happy she’s getting words written again. Now we will wait patiently for Bloodwitch to come out and, in the meantime, continue working on The Ambassador’s Daughter. Sorry TBR, the rest of you will have to wait too.

Movies. Okay, I’m on the fence about this one. While I still feel like movie watching is mostly another way to procrastinate, The Greatest Showman was a fantastic movie. Seriously. You should all see it. When your to do lists are done. And the songs are super catchy too. I can’t decide whether to yell at her for being a couch potato or shrug and sing along.

The new venture. This is a tricky one. Moos isn’t letting me give any details yet. All I know is that it seems like a lot of work. And she already has a lot of work to do. Perhaps the money would be worth it, but I honestly doubt it. She’s been getting some practice to get a feel for the work and she seems optimistic about it all. Meanwhile, I’m over here rereading my first post.

“So many doomed ideas. So many failed posts. I told her to keep things simple, warned her not to get in over her head, but does she listen to me? Nope.”

I won’t say I told you so.

But I am. I’m telling you so.

Anyway, that about covers it. All in all, not a bad week, but I will not be held responsible for any dropped juggling pins in the future. This pixie’s got buttercup things to do.

Ivy out.

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