Ivy the pixie publicist

(For anyone unfamiliar with Ivy, here’s her introduction and an explanation of these posts.)

I think I’m beginning to understand what that “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” phrase really means. I come in and save the blog from imminent disaster and what do I get for it? A new boss!

“Ivy, tell them about this. Ivy, explain that.”

Dang it, Moos, I’m a pixie! Not a puppet!


Fine. I guess someone’s got to do it.

So here’s the first bit of news:

Moos’s story, Winter’s Thaw, is now published with Tall Tale TV.

Chris Heron records short stories and novel excerpts which he narrates himself. You can read more of his story on his website or YouTube channel. Moos, of course, is beside herself and can’t stop listening to it and telling everyone how fantastic it is.

I mean, I can’t blame her. He really did an amazing job.

And the second bit of news:

Introducing …


Yes, that’s right. Moos is going to be launching her very own editing business, right here, on this website. I mean, she’s already doing the work anyway. She might as well get paid for it. She’ll be telling everyone more about it on Gingerman Editorial’s podcast Coffee, Books, Repeat next week. So keep your ears open and your eyes peeled (seriously, what’s with you mortals and your ridiculous metaphors?).

Also, yes, Moos designed that logo herself. Because that’s what she does when she procrastinates. Doodles on Inkscape.

Now, if you don’t mind, she has more writing to do.


I get no respect from the wildlife.

Ivy out.

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