Ivy is back from vacation

Hello again, mortals.

I considered letting everyone know I would be gone on vacation, but then I remembered I don’t care. So I didn’t.

The important thing is that I’m back. And what a mess to come back to!

Moos apparently took a break too, and while I commend her for prioritizing her mental health, I’m nevertheless unimpressed with her restraint. You see, since I wasn’t there to talk some sense into her, she went and made a ridiculous bet with a friend.

I’m totally not rolling my eyes.

Aside from the whole “I don’t bet” rule she apparently no longer lives by, this bet has a contingency. She was supposed to finish her book by the end of July.

July ended days ago. And as you have no doubt guessed, she has not finished her book. I’m not sure where she stands with regard to the bet, but I’m assuming the clock is still ticking. Missing a deadline doesn’t mean she’s off the hook.

And no, ya’ll don’t get to know what the bet is. At least not until after she loses.

So I’ve got that mess to figure out (And believe me, it won’t be pleasant for Moos. She made this mess, now she gets to put in the elbow grease to clean it up.), but thankfully I won’t be alone in my struggles.

While on vacation I had the unparalleled honor of making a new friend. Her name is Judy and she’s the amazing, knitter muse of @AnconaDanielle, a fellow writer. Not only does Judy help me feel less alone in the journey that is motivating a distractable writer, but she’s become a fabulous mentor. With her help, I’m sure I can get Moos back on track in no time.

And right now I’ve gotta drag her away from a ridiculous Teen Titans marathon her kids sucked her into and get her back to writing, so here’s a quick flyby of the non-writing things going on.

1. That recurring rash on Moos’s hands? The one she’s been ignoring for months? Yeah, turns out it’s eczema, so that sucks.

2. The kids are as messy and disgusting as ever. So nothing new there.

3. She just finished reading Ready Player One (yes, she’s seen the movie too) and you’ll get to read all about what she thinks of it on Wednesday (or Thursday, if you don’t live in Moos’s superior time zone) in the first of “Moos’s Musings.” The stupid alliterative title was her idea.

That’s fall for now.

Ivy out.

Step away from the TV!

Butt in chair, hands on keyboard!


4 thoughts on “Ivy is back from vacation

  1. #2 made me laugh right out loud! I also like the PS after her signature, I took that as a personal message from the Universe that I need to be writing as well! Please be sure to thank Ivy for the fire under my fanny, hoping to be back on track as of today!


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