Ivy and the 5 stages of grief

Listen up, mortals.

Since Moos seems to have an endless supply of writing craft topics – for me to talk about, mind you – I’m left wondering when exactly I’m supposed to update you on her progress. That is why I took over this blog after all.

So I’m just going to start with the updates here and make you all wait for the writing craft stuff.

*evil laugh*

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Very Short Stories on Twitter

I recently jumped into a fun writing prompt hashtag game on Twitter called #vss365. It stands for Very Short Stories 365 days a year. Here’s how it works:

Every day there’s a new word prompt, and the challenge is to write a story in one tweet that includes that word. It’s been a lot of fun and has really helped improve my skills with word economy. So I thought I’d share some of my favorites here. Enjoy!

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To rant, or not to rant

I was listening to a recent Writing Excuses podcast episode and, while this might surprise some of you, the topic was really riling me up. I considered blogging about it for today, but the more I wrote and contemplated it, the more frustrated and opinionated I got. I don’t get riled up and ranty very often, and I’m almost never public about it, so I decided to forgo that blogging path. Confrontation and debate are not among my strengths.

But that left me trying to decide what to write about and it occurred to me how few people these days make this decision.

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Ivy talks about description. Again.

Okay mortals, Moos has gotten countless questions about this over the years, so I’m gonna clear things up for you. And no, this isn’t just a recap of the Character Description post I did awhile back. This is completely different. Just read it, okay!


Here’s the truth. Describing stuff is easy. The chair is blue. See? Easy.

Describing stuff well? Now that’s hard. Really hard.


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Moos’s Musings: Ready Player One

First of all, apologies. I seem to have mistaken Tuesday for Wednesday, and then I had to rewrite half of this post due to syncing issues, so perhaps we can just pretend today is Wednesday and this post isn’t a day late. Yeah? Awesome!

As Ivy mentioned this past weekend, I’m starting a new blog segment that I’m calling Moos’s Musings. In these posts I’ll share my thoughts and opinions on some creative work I’ve read, watched, observed, etc. It may be a book, a movie, a new creative tool of some sort. Works I’ve consumed that I happen to have an opinion on.

Now considering I don’t consume nearly as much creative work as I used to (and among those that I do explore, even fewer I have conclusive opinions on), Moos’s Musings won’t come up every week, maybe not even every other week. I will try to share one every month if I can, but I’m not going to form opinions on things just to have something to share with all of you. As Ivy would say, “I ain’t got time for that!”

So, if I happen to see a movie, read a book, or try something new and feel like sharing my thoughts, I will do so with a new Moos’s Musings. Because mooses do like to muse on occasion.

Let’s get started!

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