The Ambassador’s Daughter

Sixteen year old Ann is half fae. Which means she has green hair, pointed ears, and hears plants sing. And Princess Stella never lets her forget how much she doesn’t belong. Prince Nic, the princess’s opposite in every way, is the only one able to see past Ann’s strange appearance and find friendship. But after years of enduring the princess’s bullying, a strange encounter with one of the monstrous firebirds plaguing the land and a brush with death make Ann realize just how little she understands of her heritage. When Stella tries to steal Ann’s bracelet, a gift from her human father, the red stone mysteriously attaches itself to Ann’s wrist. In the confusion, Ann escapes into the forest her father had always forbidden her to enter. There she finds a community of faeries, all with green hair and pointed ears like her. But instead of a warm welcome, Ann discovers they all want her dead.


The Suncatcher Stone

Even though his father died in search of the legendary Suncatcher Stone – a Stone that is said to grant its sea dwelling possessor control over the currents – Kellon has never had any interest in such things. He’s just a normal twenty year old undine, waiting for his chance to enter the mating pool. A chance he’s quite confident will garner him the best opportunities his pod has to offer. Until the night he’s kidnapped.

Now Kellon must learn all that he can about the Stone. Because if he can’t find it first, he stands to lose much more than his home and his chance at greatness. He could lose the one undine he loves most: his half-sister.