Who’s Ivy?

You may have noticed a number of my blog posts appear to be written by a mysterious person named Ivy. Well, the truth is, they’re technically written by me.

You see, Ivy is what many in the writing world call a muse. She’s the voice in my head inspiring me to get creative, motivating me to keep writing, and encouraging me when I fail. She’s basically the figurative embodiment of my creative side.

When I start procrastinating, it’s her voice I hear in my head, telling me to get back to work. When I start to stress about my writing, she’s the calm voice reminding me to just do my best and forget everything else. When I get a shiny new idea, she’s the one who channels my enthusiasm and keeps me on track. She is both inspiration and supervisor. Cheerleader and taskmaster. And yes, she lives in my head.

I like to imagine she watched me from a distance as I started my writing journey, trying to decide if taking me on was going to be worth the effort. She finally popped out of hiding because she couldn’t watch me flailing anymore. A bit like watching someone trying over and over to pull open a door meant to be pushed until you just have to step in because it’s too painful to keep watching them.

So now she takes the helm of this blog every weekend, updating you all on my writing progress and explaining various aspects of writing craft. If it’s about writing, she’ll likely be the one blogging about it.

You can read her first post here.